Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The "IUL" is gaining a lot of momentum

The stock market continues to ri

The stock market continues to rise although at a lower rate than 2016. At some point in the near future we will see a correction. This will be a much needed event as we have not seen a correction in a number of years. For those invested long-term, can use the event as an opportunity to pick up some bargains.

IUL's continue to perform as structured as group sales of IUL's broke a record and have attracted the attention as a threat to whole life insurance companies as well as mutual fund/stock companies. New rules will come down that will severely limit the ability to illustrate these policies at anything close to real world experience. This won’t stop the attraction of IUL's for folks looking to secure their financial future.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

"IUL" vs "Qualified Plan 401(k)/403(b)/SEP/IRA"
- What's best for you?

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The "IUL" is good for your family!
There's a growing trend for the "IUL" because it's a flexible means of creating "Tax Free" income for retirement. Qualified Plans 401(k)/403(b)/457/IRA have an alternative to paying such Huge Taxes (Tax Savings is the #1 benefit of an "IUL").

Year IUL Sales Trend
2009 $376 Million
2010 $675 Million
2011 $973 Million
2014 $2.4 Billion
  --    --       -- 
by 2021 EST $27 Billion

The 401(k) plan offers "Tax Deferred Growth", but "Deferred" doesn't mean "Free", so someone in a 401(k) will pay taxes on all the withdrawals made when they retire and need the money the most.  If they could pay the taxes on the "Seed" instead of on the "Harvest" (according to Video #2), it could eliminate their obligation from having to pay such Huge Taxes (and possibly penalties) in the future, extra money going straight to the IRS (according to Video #1 -Ed Slott).

Click on this picture to watch Video #1 and Video #2.

Controversial, but true =) If you plan on working for the next 5 years, I'd stop contributing all your money being saved in a Qualified Plan 401(k)/403(b)/457, even if it's being matched by your employer.   By redirecting your savings into an "IUL" policy instead, creates your "Tax Free" environment vs. "Taxable".

Your 401(k) plan isn't going anywhere unless you leave your job. The contributions you make are strictly optional to you as an employee, not to worry about somehow being penalized by your employer for stopping those contributions.

Storing money in an "IUL" policy for the next 5 years will help you sleep like a baby in a few years of your money growing "Tax Free", without the chance of it being lost during the downturns of the stock market. (See slide #23 of the Powerpoint Presentation.)

Interest will be credited on your money (i.e. up to 17% cap rate/yr depending on your "IUL" policy), plus you'll have access to your money on your request without it being tied up, and without penalty or taxes.

Ask yourself the question: "In what tax bracket will I be in when I retire?"
The answer: Nobody knows. Not only does the 401(k) defer taxes, it also defers the "Tax Calculation".

Why leave your "Tax Calculation" up to chance when it can possibly be as high as 40 - 60% in the future (the Government is in debt currently over $19 Trillion)? Also, a 10% tax penalty charged if you need your 401(k) money before the age of 59 1/2...

You wouldn't have these problems if you owned an "IUL" policy - and you'd have access to your money....tax free, spendable money...

"Have you ever tried to withdraw any of the money from your 401(k)?"
A lot of people admire just looking at it.

The "IUL" is the biggest financial blessing today that can change the life of your family if you add it to your portfolio, moving over to the "Tax Free" side of the fence.

All decisions we make today can affect our future, but many of us are now relying on Social Security and the 401(k). Social Security is not a guarantee, or it can be reduced to a lower amount that doesn't keep up with your current lifestyle...which can then force you back to work at an older age when it will be much harder. SS isn't keeping up with inflation right now.   

History proves that nobody knows what the stock market can do next, but we know that it goes up and down...

Do you know that you'll lose money being saved in your 401(k) every time the stock market drops? We think it's due for a major pullback soon because of how it's been going up for years. You'll lose money in your 401(k) that you wouldn't lose if that money were being saved in an "IUL" policy instead, where all your principle is guaranteed from loss, with the gains locked in according to the  videos here.

Millions have lost money due to the corrections of the stock market that can take years to get back, so it's never too late to redirect your savings.

There's no other financial product today that can do what an "IUL" can do and it's easy to get one. We can show you how to properly fund an "IUL" and once you see the illustration, it will excite you to know how your money can grow in time...at a rate of return that can keep up with inflation.

Here's the last video:
the full 34 minute video (from Tax expert Ed Slott)
Best Regards,
William Reynolds (RFS Group)

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